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As strategies, it is assumed in the first place, a conception that combines innovation and pragmatism, articulating with the other programmatic guidelines, selecting the available options, among which:

  • Guidance
  • Solar geometry
  • Natural lighting
  • Sun protection
  • Thermal inertia
  • Surround insulation
  • Natural ventilation

However, the parameters of comfort and quality required, as well as the degree of energy efficiency required of the passive party, must first be established.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention that, the design of a building that aims to optimize its integration and environmental qualification, cannot be dissociated from the rigorous selection of processes, materials and components, having as objectives:

  • Preservation of the planet’s environmental resources;
  • Reduction of pollution and contamination levels;
  • Future recycling of materials used;
  • Low energy consumption in the production of materials and components.

Buildings should be designed taking into account environmental qualification factors, which include exploring the potential of the available environmental factors, such as:

  • Solar radiation
  • Insolation
  • Natural lighting
  • Dominant winds
  • Harmony with the ecosystem

These factors can significantly condition the project, in order to conceive the building as an energetic and environmental system, capable of reacting and capitalizing on its benefit the available environmental factors, and as such, free of charge. The resulting maximization of energy efficiency, combined with good environmental behavior, will certainly lead to a new concept of life, whose differentiating factors will contribute to increase competitive advantages.

However, Bioclimatic Design should not be seen as an objective in itself, but as an energy / environmental conception tool duly grounded, technically and economically, in pursuit of the true objectives, which are:

  • Reduction of energy dependence;
  • Environmental qualification of spaces;
  • High standard of comfort.

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